Live With What You Love-A New Way Spring Clean

Let's spring clean! I'm not talking about de-cluttering and dusting. I'm talking about ways to love what you already have. Read for more!
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It’s that time of year when we spring clean!  Usually, this leaves us with visions of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and dreading what’s collected under the fridge.  In this post, we aren’t going to focus on actual cleaning at all.  This spring cleaning is about living with what you love by cherishing what you already have in your space.


Shiny Objects

What tends to happen with spring cleaning is we edit our closets and at first, feel good.  We got rid of clothes, stuff and more stuff! Yay!  There’s a moment there that feels good.  Our space is clean, we have a fresh start.  Then what happens, is a feeling that we have space.  Space that needs to be filled.  

Before you know it, you have Pinterest boards for new things, Facebook ads for them, and then the compelling feeling that you should buy them…after all, there is space now!

Don’t listen to that voice.  Instead, fill that void with an appreciation for what you already have.  I’m not only talking about the stuff that holds memories, feels good, and is pleasing to look at.  I mean the friendships, the health, the clean space-all of it! 


spring clean


Don’t let shiny objects distract you from what really matters.  It’s easier to fill the void with things, those shiny objects, and stellar marketing campaigns of more.  

The bigger house, the extra storage space…it’s not what matters.  What matters is the space you have for what you adore, and what already brings you joy.



A good spring clean needs to leave you with quality.  Quality items that bring you joy and which ones.  Do all of those coffee mugs bring you joy or only the ones that have memories attached?  That’s what I mean…focus on quality and only use your resources (i.e. time, energy, money) on quality things.

This means focusing on the relationships that matter. That lifts you and brings you the energy you desire to live a happy and fulfilling life.  If you have a million Instagram followers and 5 friends who are always there-those 5 are who matters.  

Want better, not more.


spring clean 2


If we take this concept to our wardrobe, maybe we buy a few designer pieces this year versus the same amount of money spent on basics you bought just because they are on sale, not because they bring you joy.  

Quality in life matters as well as the resources put out that go with it.  

When we have what we need, that’s all that matters.

Take this concept to the bank!  Buy only what you need.  Work with all that you need.  For example, if you have time for self-care and want to take a bath and relax-don’t take the cell phone that’s pinging with family drama group texts with you.  If you are living in sweatpants and nice shirts, stop buying work pants just because they are on sale.  If you follow a ton of people on Instagram-only focus on the ones that give you the positive messages you need right now if you are going through a tough time.  Quality, not quantity. 


Cherish the Day

All these messages are tied to a good spring clean from the inside out, but nothing leaves you feeling the “clean” as much as cherishing the day.  This means having a clear space as well as a clear mind that leaves space for happiness.  

Focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t as you go.

As you start your workday, give yourself a positive message.  Give your coworker the same message.  Look around you for positive messages to keep that momentum.  Ask yourself if what you are bringing into your day is bringing you the energy you need to cherish it, not destroy that good spring-clean feeling.  

As you go, keep asking yourself that question.  If something’s not working- a thought, a relationship, a dirty desk…that is the time to re-evaluate and spring clean in each moment.  


spring clean 1


A happy mind does not keep itself, it needs energy and focus on what brings that positive energy.

The secret to cherishing your days are doing the work as you go. Protect and care for what you already have, bring in only what you need, and find satisfaction in cherishing all of that in the moments you have. 


The Result of Spring Cleaning

In the end, what all of this spring clean brings you in living with what you love is control.  The control to live your life with quality.  Having and using the resources you already have.  Not bringing in quantities of anything or a person that will not add value to your life. 

You will feel more in control and having more control goes a long way.  It leaves you with the satisfaction that all is well with what you have in life, the way you cherish the moment, and loving what you have right in front of you.

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