The Best Way Out is…

When it comes to the best way out, there is only one way, and that is through. Read this post to learn how to navigate rocky waters.
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When we find ourselves stuck, it’s only natural to try to find a work-around or another way out.  After all, hard work is just that and who has the time? Short cuts can seem enticing, but in the way of life that especially progress, they simply do not work.

Wisdom Gained In Time

Imagine if you graduated college and then became a CEO the next day?  Would be weird right?  After all, you probably have zero experience.  You also probably have little problem-solving skills in the business industry…and wait, do you have a degree in business at all? 

If you look for a way out of something, you miss building wisdom along the way.  Even if that wisdom gained means failing, it’s ultimately a lot of learning that builds your wisdom.  That learning is important to reach your goal, learn for the future, and helps shape you into the person you are becoming. 

You wouldn’t marry someone you meet on a first date, so consider this the next time you try to find a way out of a problem.  Wisdom gained through time is more valuable than a shortcut and can provide knowledge, skills, and abilities you didn’t know you have.


The Joy In The Journey 

There is something to be said about finding the joy in the journey.  

I promise you that all the learning, the self-discovery, and emotion along the way are things away out simply cannot provide you. 

So the next time you start to look for a way out, look for a way in…to your decision-making process, your excuses, other patterns and behaviors that keep you from working through whatever it is you are facing. There is a joy to be found in every journey.

Remember this quote when you are faced next time with a difficult task, situation, or conversation.  Remind yourself that in the end, you will be a better person, a stronger person who has courage, dignity, and pride in working through things.

You got this!


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