Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable

Read this post to find out how allowing yourself to be vulnerable can help you in more ways than one. The reasons may surprise you!

When we are vulnerable, we have the courage to show up for ourselves and others in a way that builds an intimate connection.  That can be both scary and difficult. It’s also what makes vulnerability a strength and not a weakness.

Say The Things

We’ve all been in those uncomfortable situations.  You know, the ones where things need to be said, but those things are hard.  It’s probably better to be uncomfortable than to be vaguely passive, but passive is easier so we avoid being uncomfortable.

Simply put, when we are vulnerable, it means we show up for ourselves without expectation. 

How we express vulnerability is personal to us.  For example, while one person may shout off the rooftops they have a medical condition to receive support from others by being vulnerable; another will do the opposite and keep it quiet.




Being vulnerable means we are telling the truth about ourselves, putting ourselves in a position of uncertainty.  When we can shift our mindset about being vulnerable from a weak point to a resource, we can understand how it can benefit us.  

Here are some reasons to be vulnerable…

Test Your Limits

One reason to be more vulnerable is a way to push your boundaries. Nothing is more uncomfortable than facing yourself.  It’s true…when it comes to being vulnerable we can be hard nuts to crack.  We need to test our patience, our sense of security.  Not to mention develop confidence and resilience that keep us grounded at all times.  This is frightening for people and takes work.  

Yet the rewards are worth it!  Being vulnerable with yourself allows you to test your limits and take risks that can lead you to great and wonderful things.  

Sure this sounds like a lot of self-exploration and it is!  If you are afraid to face yourself a good way to start is to keep a journal, or connect with a coach or therapist to help you become more vulnerable with yourself in a safe place without judgment.  

Strengthen Relationships

Another reason to be vulnerable is the impact it can have on your relationships.  By opening yourself up to someone else, it does so many great things like builds trust.  As we build trust,  we can speak freely about our feelings, our needs and take a chance for those we love.  Trust is essential for relationships, especially as they grow in maturity and connection over time.  

That pulse of excitement you get when you have an intimate connection with someone is reason enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable with another.  There is more to that in having a clear picture of where you are in another’s life.  It also creates a bond between yourself and someone else.  That bond puts you in a position to show up for someone else and yourself in a supportive and non-fearful way. 


vulnerable 1


Empower Yourself

My favorite reason to be vulnerable is for self-empowerment.  When you open yourself to heal your wounds, work on your weaknesses or face uncomfortable situations you become who you were meant to be.   With all the learning that comes with this, you build resilience and self-confidence that no one can touch!  There’s something about being independent through vulnerability that is something really special.  

When you feel empowered, you give yourself a solid foundation and a sense of security to step outside your comfort zone.  When you do that, you open up opportunities for yourself and the people around you.  Not to mention, it feels pretty good to be empowered to live life in a way that brings possibility and joy through vulnerability.  


Vulnerable as a Habit

As you’ve discovered n this post, being vulnerable is not a weakness.  Instead, it is a way to honor yourself and build power through respect and humility.  This requires time, patience, and courage.  Don’t be afraid.  Put yourself out there in small ways and see what happens.  If anything, you can find solace in the fact that you took a chance on yourself or a relationship by being vulnerable.  

The life you want needs you to be vulnerable to yourself and those around you to meet your needs and express what you need to.  

Go for it! 

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