Year in Review 2020

Read this post to learn some stats about my business, how it did this year and what to expect from Life Design in 2021.
year in review

Well, this year has been…interesting…

What was supposed to happen:

This year, I had big plans to hit the ground running to give Life Design a front-row seat to helping others.  I carefully created a schedule that optimized a balance between activity and creativity for myself.  

Website:  I had plans to launch this new site early in March.  I wanted it to be interactive and frankly freakin’ magical.  I imagined when you loaded the page, glitter would fall and I wouldn’t need my face on the front page because I’m not a selfie kind of gal.  

Book: By the summer I was supposed to have a book on self-care published that is based on my keynote presentation on the same topic.  I was really excited to bring this book into the world. 

Online Courses: I had planned to end the year with the launch of my first online course based on presentations I have done already.

Speaking: At the start of the year, I had 37 speaking engagements booked and was psyched!  Speaking is something I am passionate about and love connecting with other businesses and organizations

Clients: Before the pandemic hit, I had created an automated scheduling system for new clients.  

What actually happened:



Website: Well, this website ended up taking longer than expected to get off the ground.  What I wanted my website to actually look like and what could be done quickly and within the budget were clearly 2 different things (isn’t that always the case!).  So I compromised on elements and settled for the website I now have and I am happy with it.  My business coach ended up winning to have my face on the front page, but I still avoid looking at myself. Lol

Book: Well, right around the time of the 2nd draft of edits for the book, COVID slammed me and I ended up altering my life to provide remote schooling and care for my daughter.  Needless to say with scrambling to meet with clients at night, helping my daughter (and also being pregnant with twins) I did not meet my deadline.  I’m over it now…I birthed a website and 2 babies in this crazy year, that’s enough! 

Online Courses: Hoping to get these on the ground soon!  My vision is a one-stop shop for your coaching needs, stay tuned!

Speaking: 19 of my 37 speaking engagements were canceled due to the pandemic.  I was able to have 16 virtually before my maternity leave and 2 in person before the lockdown.

Clients: I was able to implement a new online scheduling system for clients to save time from phone calls and back and forth e-mails, however, I was not able to accept any new clients due to the pandemic and my tightened schedule before my maternity leave.  

Social Media: After my 2yr social media hiatus, I am now on all the platforms above.  Follow me! 

Blog: Our NEW Insights Blog is up, running, and fabulous! 96 posts this year ending with this one! Check it out. Sign up for our weekly newsletter for the latest posts. 

I am happy to say I will be able to take a few new clients beginning in January 2021.  See my schedule here

Interesting Stats:
  • Personal Coaching: 83% of my clients are female, 17% are male
  •  Executive Coaching: 93% of my clients are male…where are my ladies in leadership at? 
FREE Stuff:

Here is a list of all the free things I created to help you in your own Life Design…

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Sneak Peek 2021: 

Clients: I plan on opening my schedule for a few new clients in January 2021.  Reserve your spot today! 

Book: My book on self-care will hopefully be released in summer, a whole year later than intended.  We need it now more than ever!

Online Courses: I plan to launch my first online course sometime this year.  I will be working on the course being completely automated so you can take it anytime you wish. Score!

Blog: Insights Blog will be going strong! I will continue to offer more free templates and guides to help you in your Life Design.  I also plan to collaborate with other professionals and businesses to bring you more helpful and relevant content. 

Fun Friday will be changing to lifestyle posts to showcase my personal journey in designing the life I want in 2021. 

Thank you for being part of the Life Design Community!

2021 here we come


Cheers to you and an amazing 2021!

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